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High, Hot and Dirty Landings

Fort Carson, CO; Red Devil Landing Zone (LZ)

Red Devil Landing Zone is the highest altitude tactical dirt landing zone in the United States available for military training.  As a part of the First Carson Range, the 302d Airlift Wing has by agreement used the landing zone for unique training sorties for the past few decades.  Part of the training was accomplished with a ground party of Air Force Air Mobility Liaison Officers from Kirtland AFB.

Following an hour of low-level formation flight training in the mountains of Colorado the route concluded with a Container Delivery System (CDS) airdrop at Sullivan Park Drop Zone near Red Devil LZ.

Red Devil LZ has a Maximum on Ground (MOG) of 1 so the two C-130s practicing approaches and landings at the dirt strip had to coordinate between each other, the Range Control Facility and the Landing Zone Control Officers to ensure safe execution of practice tactical approaches and landings.  This is tactical training at its finest.

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