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Drones produce stunning video of Mexican airport, but is it safe?

Drones have always been both a mixed blessing.  On one hand, they are amazing tool that can put cameras in places that ten years ago would have taken a helicopter or even a spy plane. They aren’t without risks though.  There are serious concerns about the safety of drones, especially when operated over densely populated areas and near airports.  Just this weekend, there was a news story about a drone flying too close to an ATR-72 on approach in England.  It was close enough that the pilot felt threatened and filed a formal report to express his concerns.

The video below is filmed at Mexico City International Airport.  The video isn’t taken from a rogue drone that captured closeup video of jets near the airport though.  Instead, it is a video made with the approval of the airport and applicable Mexican authorities.  It is a stunner.  It is beautiful.  And it’s footage that would probably never be approved to be filmed in the US under current FAA restrictions on unmanned aircraft.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think this type of videography is safe near airports if its well coordinated?  Or is it something that just isn’t worth the risk?

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