Test Your Avgeekery: Are you a Crazy Day Tripper?

This is Ben Gurion airport in TelAviv in Israel. I flew here on my day off just to say I did it.

Where have you flown on your days off?

Within the #avgeek world, there are various levels of avgeekery.   A person who loves planes definitely qualifies as an avgeek.  A person who risks getting rolled up by airport police to take pictures of planes is an avgeek at another level.  But a person who flies on an airliner to a distant country, just to turn around and come right back is infected with a severe case of Avgeekery!  Our buddy Lance started a website called Crazy Day Tripper for just such a group of people who travel around the world, grab a quick nap and then return back ready for work just a day or two later.  They do it just to see how far they can go over a short break or weekend while taking in all the sites and sounds of different cultures while relishing their flight on a long haul jet.  They are crazy.  And they are welcome here at our site.  Here’s Lance’s story:

Hello everyone!  I’m Lance from the Crazy Day Tripper.  We are people that love to travel and share our crazy stories of squeezing in incredible itineraries in a short period of time!  I work for a major airline that is based in the US and I LOVE to fly.  In 2010, I was trying to find out how far I could travel knowing that I only had a couple of days off. The airline that I work for just started flying to (TLV) Tel Aviv (Ben Guridon).  As an employee of an airline,  I can hop on any flight if there is an open seat. So when I looked on our reservation system, I saw that the flights were WIDE open and I signed up.  I was sold.

The next day I flew to PHL (Philly PA) and hopped on the flight to TLV! I  settled into my seat and started talking to my seat mate.  He asked me why I was headed to Tel Aviv.  I told him it was for a “crew turn”! That’s usually where someone flies  to a destination with one set of crew and stays one night just fly back with the same crew. In my case, I wasn’t even doing it for work, I was just doing it for fun!  He looked at me like I was crazy.

After 12hr of flying, I finally landed in TLV, got off the plane and walked over to the customs area.  Once I got to the booth to show my passport, the customs agent did not believe that I was there for only about 30 hours so she called her supervisor and he took me into a back room. We spent the next 2 hours in a small room talking about why I was there. (In retrospect, I probably could’ve chosen to travel to a location that wasn’t as paranoid about security issues).  After explaining my love of aviation and exploring new cultures, the customs agents eventually let me into the country.  I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy but he let me me go anyways.   I hopped the next train to the city and walked to my hotel for the night.

Traveling to Israel was a bit of a culture shock.  But that’s part of the reason I’ve started doing these kinds of trips. Not having been out of the USA much before this trip, everything seemed new to me.  Walking into malls and restaurants was a completely different experience. You had to go through security just like you would a the airport at almost every place for security purposes.   I ended up flying back the next day, as scheduled and returned to work as if nothing much had happened on my days off.  This is just one of many of the Crazy Day Trips that I have done while working for the airline. I’d love to share and hear other crazy stories from others! Feel free to post your story in the comments below and/or share them on my new page.  Please check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/crazydaytripper and stay turned to our Facebook page for more info on our new website!