Fitness guru Tony Horton blows chunks in an F-16


“Water break….but don’t be going down the hall and getting a Crispy Cream.” – Tony Horton

Anyone who has ever had to put up with a late night infomercial of Tony Horton hawking his P90X series will be excited to finally watch Tony puke himself…courtesy of the US Air Force. Afterall, how many of us out there watched his informercials at 2am in the morning while mildly intoxicated and felt bad about themselves?  You probably looked at your beer belly and said, “FINE…I’ll give it a try.”

For the next 90 days you put up with Tony Horton just hoping that it’d actually lead to those coveted washboard abs  (something no real #avgeek has ever achieved by the way).  Everyday, you put up with his painful regimen of squats and pull-ups and even yoga interspersed with campy encouragement and platitudes that were supposed to motivate you. In reality, they just made every muscle in your body ache and you upchuck your stomach by the end of each workout.  Then after 90 days of sweaty mess, you probably looked a little better but despised Tony so much that you sold all the DVDs at a garage sale for $10 and proceeded to get fat again.  If you are that guy (or girl), this video isn’t just fun to watch, this video is your sweet revenge.  Thanks, Thunderbirds!

All kidding aside, like many celebrities Tony Horton recently spent a day with the troops and took a tour of Nellis Air Force base. He also got a ride in a Thunderbird’s F-16.  During the tour, he hosted fitness classes on base and shared stories of soldiers and airmen who have inspired him.  All good things and kudos to him for supporting the troops.  I think its comforting to know that even though Tony Horton talks a big game, he is still a mere mortal compared to a fighter pilot.