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    Alaska Airlines Takes Over SF Giants Partnership–Will Introduce New Special Giants Livery

    Alaska Airlines unveiled a new special baseball-themed livery late Wednesday. The announcement appeared to be tied to the fact that Alaska will be taking over for Virgin America as the official airline of the San Francisco Giants Baseball Team. Alaska Airlines will supercede Virgin America’s role starting with the 2018 season. This was a move […] More

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    Virgin America Celebrates 10 years of Hipster Flying Before The Airline Fades To History

    Virgin America is celebrating 10 years of bringing a rockin vibe to flying!  On August 8th, 2007 the airline flew its first flight between San Francisco International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport. Teammate Chris Garlington, a Guest Services team member in LAX, created this tribute video to celebrate the occasion. It’s pretty impressive! Chris […] More

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    Alaska Airlines to Aquire Virgin America in $2.6B Deal

    Transaction will create the 5th largest airline in the United States. While you were sleeping, the United States commercial airlines business grew a fifth major carrier. In a deal announced in the middle of the night, Alaska Airlines has acquired Virginia America for $2.6 billion in cash. It’s yet another example of the consolidation of […] More

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    WTF? Virgin America Reveals a New Logo

    Virgin America went to considerable lengths to put together this gag for April 1. One description of consuming Internet offerings is drinking from a fire hose. There’s just so much and it’s moving so fast. Add in a specific date of the year that is known for tomfoolery plus one company trying to spoof another […] More

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    The Word Is That Virgin America Is For Sale

    Richard Branson’s “boutique airline” Virgin America apparently is for sale. Psssst. Hey, you … yeah, you. … Wanna buy an airline? If any of our readers have a couple of hundred million lying around or have figured out the next winning Powerball numbers, this might be for you. The word on the street is that […] More

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    Virgin America is adding Airbus A321 NEOs to their fleet

    Earlier today Virgin America announced that they will add 10 Airbus A321 NEOs to their fleet to compliment their fleet of 58 Airbus A320s and A319s. In a statement, Virgin America said that deliveries are slated to begin “in the first quarter of 2017 continuing through the third quarter of 2018, and will be leased from […] More

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    REPORT: Virgin America To Receive 2 Dallas Love Field Gates

    A well respected aviation blog by the Dallas Morning news is reporting that Virgin America is likely to receive the 2 gates at Dallas Love Field. The two gates are available because they were surrendered to the airport by American Airlines as part of their anti-trust lawsuit settlement in their pursuit of a merger with […] More

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    Virgin America wants to fall in LUV with Dallas

    The competitive landscape at Dallas Love Field is about to change this October.  Starting on October 13th, many of the old Wright Amendment restrictions that limited service at Dallas’ airport are going away.  As part of the compromise, Love Field will only have 20 total gates available for airline use.  That means that Southwest Airlines […] More

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    Why do Airbus A320s always sound like there is a barking dog in the cargo bins? Three Interesting Facts about the Airbus A-320 Family

    Let’s learn three new things about the A320 series today… Airbus A320 series are the mainstay of many international short and medium haul fleets. Delta, United, American, JetBlue and Virgin America all fly them. Here are 3 interesting facts you may have never known before. 1.) Those last three digits after the dash (A320-XXX) actually […] More