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    Top Gun Has Been Making Enemies Squirm Since the 60s

    Fighter Weapons School at Miramar turned fighter pilots into zipper-suited sun gods. On March 3rd 1969 the United States Navy established its Fighter Weapons School at Naval Air Station Miramar outside of San Diego in California. You know the school better as TOP GUN. The school began producing pilots and crews with much improved air […]

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    This Guy Got Sucked In A Jet Engine…And Survived!

    One Lucky Guy! The video starts with Carrier Air Wing 8 flight operations on the flight deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). According to the flight deck camera time it is 03:40:57 in the morning of February 20th 1991. The carrier was one of several carriers launching air strikes in support of US and […]

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    A P-3 Orion Turboprop at 46,000+ feet? It happened!

    On February 4, 1971, Aircraft commander Commander Donald H. Lilienthal, flying P-3C Orion BuNo 156512 (c/n 5506), set a world horizontal flight altitude record for the heavy turboprop class of 45,018 feet (13,721.5 meters). Lilenthal was flying from Edwards Air Force Base in California at the time. However, this was just one of several speed, […]

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    Hands Down, The Best F/A-18G Growler Video on the Web

    We’re pretty sure that the creator of this video could make mosquitoes look attractive. The EA-18G or “Growler” as it is popularly known as, is a primarily Navy flown aircraft used as an electronic attack aircraft. It is produced by Boeing, replacing the aircraft known as the “Prowler,” and sits upon a frame that is similar […]

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    Ride Report: My Flight in Blue Angels #2

    Editors Note: As #avgeeks, we love reading ride and trip reports. is proud to share one of the most unique ride reports we’ve seen in a long time.  Thanks to LCDR Ben Kohlmann for sharing! This past Friday, I got the chance of a lifetime – a flight in the backseat of Blue Angel […]

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    Step back in time and onto Carrier Ops in Vietnam

    Carrier operations are an amazing thing.  Hundreds of operations happen on a very small space of deck.  Aircraft land and takeoff on a bobbing postage stamp that bobs up and down in a sometimes violent sea.  This five minute video is a gem.  It features operations that took place on the USS Independence during the […]