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    Hands Down, The Best F/A-18G Growler Video on the Web

    We’re pretty sure that the creator of this video could make mosquitoes look attractive. The EA-18G or “Growler” as it is popularly known as, is a primarily Navy flown aircraft used as an electronic attack aircraft. It is produced by Boeing, replacing the aircraft known as the “Prowler,” and sits upon a frame that is similar […]

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    Ride Report: My Flight in Blue Angels #2

    Editors Note: As #avgeeks, we love reading ride and trip reports.  Avgeekery.com is proud to share one of the most unique ride reports we’ve seen in a long time.  Thanks to LCDR Ben Kohlmann for sharing! This past Friday, I got the chance of a lifetime – a flight in the backseat of Blue Angel […]

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    Step back in time and onto Carrier Ops in Vietnam

    Carrier operations are an amazing thing.  Hundreds of operations happen on a very small space of deck.  Aircraft land and takeoff on a bobbing postage stamp that bobs up and down in a sometimes violent sea.  This five minute video is a gem.  It features operations that took place on the USS Independence during the […]