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    The World’s First Supersonic Jet Trainer Ages Towards Senior Citizen Status

    It’s a mighty plane with a great story but starting to get long in the tooth. On March 17th 1959, the first T-38 Talon trainer was placed in service with the United States Air Force. Updated and improved over its lifetime, now in continuous service for more than 50 years, the Talon has trained several […]

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    This Fighter Instructor Is Crazy (And We Love It!)

    “Go Get Him! Kill him!”Like a rallying cry in Gladiator, this IFF (Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals) instructor emphasizes the importance of the kill instinct for fighter pilots. There is no doubt that our world has become much more politically correct over the past few years. There are admittedly some good things that have come of […]

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    Columbus AFB Pilot Training Class Kicks Off Video Rivalry With a Killer Video

    Friendly competition heating up between pilot training bases over “drop-night” videos.  The real winner in this competition is our nation with well-trained men and women. Last week, we posted a video of Vance’s Class 17-03 Drop night video. The response was super positive and rightfully so. Even our commentary about the need for more of these videos […]

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    I flew the White Rocket: My T-38 Experience

    The T-38 is a beautiful machine that is nearing the end of its service life over the next 5-7 years.  A T-X competition is underway to determine its replacement.  Our resident aviator, shares his fascinating memories of T-38 training. In 1970, Air Force flight training was divided into three phases, primary flight in the Cessna […]

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    Watch this J-85 Jet Engine Test Go Horribly Wrong

    Engines are extremely reliable pieces of machinery.  This reliability isn’t just luck though.  It is a result of a robust testing and maintenance program.  Prior to service entry, a jet engine undergoes an extensive testing to prove reliability.  After service entry, an engine is sometimes tested to diagnose a fault, test an upgraded feature, or ensure proper […]

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    The Most Epic Pilot Training Video Ever

    Pilot training is awesome…your pilot training graduation video should be too! The US Air Force’s pilot training program is a tough 55 week program that challenges every student pilot to the max.  It is full of testing, challenging flights, angry instructors and competition at every turn.  It also might be the coolest job in the […]