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    Watch: Rare Video Shows Off The Pride Of North American Aviation’s Mid-Century Aircraft

    When North American Aviation produced the film “The North American Story” during the 1950s, their new F-100 Super Sabre fighter bomber had only been in service for a short time. The film features several variants of North American’s finest, including FJ Fury fighter bombers, F-86 Sabre fighters, BT-9 trainers, O-47 observation aircraft, XB-21 Dragon bombers, T-6/SNJ/Harvard […] More

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    Ravens And Their T-28D Nomads Waged A Savage Secret War In Laos

    North American’s iconic radial-engine trainer, the T-28 Trojan, trained thousands of Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force pilots. Many of them fought in the skies above Vietnam and Southeast Asia. T-28s were also flown as forward air control (FAC) platforms and even as counter-insurgency (COIN) ground attack aircraft- not just by American and South Vietnamese […] More

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    True #Avgeek Challenge: How Many Navy Planes Do You See In This Film?

    Test Your Aircraft Recognition Skills With This 1970 Navy Film “Flight:  The Romance of Naval Aviation” is a film produced by the United States Navy (USN) and distributed in 1970. With no narration but a fusion jazz music accompaniment, the film’s footage was shot aboard the Midway-class aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), the Forrestal-class […] More

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