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    SR-71 Flew To The Edge Of Space But It Did Touch And Goes Just Like Every Other Jet

    Blackbird had to train its pilots too. The SR-71 was once amongst the fastest air breathing jets ever.  It could soar above Mach 3 and ply the skies over hostile territory with impunity.  What’s more impressive is that this jet was built with mostly drawing boards, slide rules, and air tunnels. While the Blackbird remains […]

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    This Is How You Pre-Flight the SR-71 Blackbird

    Avgeekery is proud to profile ‘avgeeks’ who share their passion for aviation in unique ways.  Recently, we ran into Erik Johnson.  He is a self-professed avgeek having grown up immersed in the world of aviation with a secondary love of photography. His father was in the Air Force and a civilian pilot.  After high school, he […]