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    Could Automation Kill Us?

    Automation is best deployed as an enhanced decision making tool, not something which a bored human being should be tasked to sit and watch. “When we design our systems, we need to assign appropriate roles to the human and technological components. It is best for humans to be the doers and technology to be the […]

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    Fly West, Baby Boeing: Retirement of a 737 Classic

    For the working class it’s inevitable. Whether you’re a white collar executive or a blue collar plumber, there will come a time when you take your last day’s walk into work.The same goes for hard working aircraft. All aircraft, whether they are a single engine Cessna 172 or a twin engine Boeing 737, will eventually […]

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    So How Do Jet Engines Work and Why Would One Blow Up?

    Engines usually work well but when they stop working, they can make a big mess. This past week a Southwest Airlines 737 suffered a very dramatic engine failure while on a flight from New Orleans to Orlando. It appeared as if the entire front of the engine came off judging from pictures taken from inside […]

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    Southwest Flight Lands Safely After Uncontained Engine Failure and Loss of Cabin Pressure

    Southwest 737 flight makes safe emergency landing.  No injuries reported. A Southwest Boeing 737-700 made a safe emergency landing at Pensacola after experiencing an uncontained engine fire.  Flight 3472 was enroute from New Orleans to Orlando when the incident occurred.  99 passengers and 5 crew members were onboard.  No one was hurt. Photos provided to Avgeekery […]

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    Sobering Facts Regarding Aviation Emissions And Global Warming

    Spoiler alert! Chemtrails aren’t real but the world of aviation isn’t exactly environmentally friendly either. The debate over climate change is also a debate about scientific facts and research. According to the research and the numbers from various sources, it’s ironic that a fair amount of air pollution comes from aircraft. The urge to get from […]