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    C-130J, The High-Tech Millennial Grandchild Of The 63 Year Old Herc Turns 21

    On April 4th 1996, the prototype Lockheed Martin C-130J Super Hercules flew for the first time. While the J model Herc looks a lot like its predecessors, there are more differences than meet the eye. One external cue is the presence of the six scimitar-bladed Dowty composite propellers, but the engines driving them are not […]

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    We Take A Look At The Jets Competing To Replace The T-38

    Beginning in 2003, the US Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC) set its sights on replacing the T-38 Advanced Jet Trainer. The T-38 first flew in 1959, and became operational in 1961. More than 1100 aircraft were built. The T-38 is still the Air Force’s advanced jet trainer for Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot […]

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    C-5 Uses Every Inch Of Runway for a Spectacularly Dusty Takeoff

    In the C-5, no takeoff is uneventful.  Those jurassic TF-39 turbofans suck every ounce of air into their engines to power the massive 700,000 beast forward.  No where is this miracle of late ’60s technology more evident than this takeoff from an austere field at Ilopango International Airport in El Salvador.  The C-5 crew gnat’s […]

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    A U-2 Spyplane Landed On An Aircraft Carrier? Yup!

    The U-2G pilots must have had balls of steel. The U-2 Dragonfly is notoriously difficult to land. A great deal of skill is needed to control the aircraft at slow speeds, especially with crosswinds. Typical operations of the U-2 involve a ground support crew and Camaro vehicle to act as a spotter. So imagine our […]

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    Boeing’s X-32 Was The Ugly Duckling In JSF Competition

    A question with no answer: Would Boeing’s X-32 have been the better choice for the Joint Strike Fighter program? As the Joint Strike Fighter concept developed over a decade ago, Lockheed and Boeing each developed their own prototype. Lockheed’s X-35 won the competition but the Lightning has faced and continues to face technical issues that […]

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    Getting Pumped Up About The Hybrid Airship

    It can carry more than a C-130 and fly over 1,000 miles at a fraction of the cost. Everything old is new again. At least, that’s how the saying goes. And that appears to apply to blimps. Also known as airships, they were on the leading edge of man’s attempts to leave the Earth’s gravitational […]

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    F-22 performs amazing profile

    The F-22 is by far the most superior fighter in the US inventory.  Even with over 1,000 F-35 aircraft coming online over the next decade, the F-22 still takes the cake as the most maneuverable and advanced US fighter.  This video is from the recent Mather Air Show.  The videographer did a great job of […]

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    Lockheed Martin Confirms Order For Civilian Version of C-130J

    Lockheed Martin announced today at the Farborough Air Show that they have signed a letter of Intent with ASL Aviation Group for up to 10 LM-100J commercial freighters.  The LM-100J is the commercial equivalent to the C-130J Super Hercules aircraft flown by the US Air Force and allied nations. In today’s press release by Lockheed […]