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    Ride Along In The Cockpit of the Jet That Every Wannabe Airline Pilot Wants To Fly

    The 787 represents the current pinnacle of aviation technology and efficiency. It is possible that one of Boeing’s most anticipated projects ever may have been the 787 “Dreamliner.”  Sure the first flight of the 707 was pretty exciting, but the reveal of the 787 promised a new era of high-efficiency flight like no other.  It turned out […]

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    KLM 747 Crew Wows Tourists With Approach To St. Maarten

    Measuring a mere 7,500 feet, and surrounded by hills, Saint Maarten has one of the world’s most challenging runways for a heavy aircraft and one of the best spotting locations for Avgeeks! Join the captain onboard a flight to this serene tropical island. Get ready for an exciting landing in this 6-minute video production. By […]

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    What a Rush! This 747-400’s Long Takeoff Roll Made Tourists Duck At St. Maarten

    “Oh, My Lord!”  The combination of a relatively short runway, isolated location, and warm temps make for impressive takeoffs in front wide eyed tourists. St. Maarten is an incredible airport for Avgeeks.  Situated in the Caribbean, the island features beautiful beaches and a great climate all year round.  It is a popular tourist destinations for […]

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    You Will Probably Never Fly on a MD-11 Ever Again

      “You’re never, ever, ever going to fly on a MD-11 again.” Avgeeks can cue the Taylor Swift song because there’s a good chance that you’ll “never, ever, ever” going to fly on a beloved three-engined airliner again.  The last commercial operator of the MD-11 aircraft retired their passenger fleet on Oct 25th.  This retirement […]