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    Deployments Suck — Creative Marshaling Makes It Better

    Maintainers Make Long Days More Tolerable Let’s not beat around the bush here…deployments suck, especially around the holidays.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in the desert or stationed in a cooler climate for an exercise.  The fact remains that you are away from your family, you sleep with smelly roommates, and you probably eat the […]

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    An inside look at a KC-135 “flying gas station”

    The unsung heroes of flight operations, tankers like this KC-135 keep the strike aircraft in the air and on station. In-flight refueling operations is another one of those aerial activities that is fascinating to watch. The coordination between two aircraft syncing up while flying at hundreds of mph is the definition of precision. During current […]

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    This B-52 Air Refueling Disaster with Nuclear Weapons Improved Air Refueling Procedures and Crew Resource Management

    Spain was spared from catastrophic disaster by a few lucky coincidences that prevented nuclear weapons from detonating after a B-52 collided with a KC-135 during refueling. Back in 1966, the United States was deeply embroiled in a Cold War with the Soviet Union.  The United States operated secret missions named “Chrome Dome” from the United States […]