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    Shot Across The Bow: Delta Air Lines Makes All Inflight Entertainment Free

      Delta becomes the only US airline to offer completely free inflight entertainment. The past 15 years of commercial aviation have been enormously frustrating for passengers.  Airlines have focused on unbundling–adding fees to services that were previously included in the cost of a ticket.  The flying experience has become noticeably more frustrating as airlines crammed […]

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    The Week In Review: A Look Back At The Stories And Videos Of The Last Seven Days

    The week that was – a compilation of stories and videos from the last seven days. Happy Mothers Day, Avgeeks!  Don’t forget to call your mom.  Here are two stories this week that honor women who did the extraordinary. JetBlue offered another great promotion for passengers on a recent flight by turning tears into […]

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    Alaska Airlines to Aquire Virgin America in $2.6B Deal

    Transaction will create the 5th largest airline in the United States. While you were sleeping, the United States commercial airlines business grew a fifth major carrier. In a deal announced in the middle of the night, Alaska Airlines has acquired Virginia America for $2.6 billion in cash. It’s yet another example of the consolidation of […]

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    The Word Is That Virgin America Is For Sale

    Richard Branson’s “boutique airline” Virgin America apparently is for sale. Psssst. Hey, you … yeah, you. … Wanna buy an airline? If any of our readers have a couple of hundred million lying around or have figured out the next winning Powerball numbers, this might be for you. The word on the street is that […]

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    Week In Review: The Top Stories On

    The week that was at Here’s a look back at some of the top stories on our site from this week. March 5, 2016 GROUNDED: An in-depth look of how and why the Boeing 717 series wasn’t a commercial success. A POSITIVE STEP? The much-maligned and problem-plagued F-35 Joint Strike Fighter had a successful […]

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    Meet David Neeleman: The Guy Who Made His Millions Starting Airlines

    Three years after the passage of the Airline Deregulation Act in 1979, the US airline industry was in the midst of upheaval as many of the legacy carriers that long dominated the commercial skies since the second decade of the century were under siege from free market forces. Unshackled from the strict regulation of the […]