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    Wisconsin ANG Badger Tanker Passes Some Gas to Triple-Nickle F-16s

    Aerial refueling. Tanking. In-flight refueling. Passing gas. Air-to-air refueling. Tanker tracks. Tanker Toads. Texaco. All terms associated with ensuring one aircraft has the fuel necessary to complete a mission planned to cover more distance than its un-refueled range.  The United States Air Force (USAF) has been refueling its aircraft in flight since 1949, initially employing […]

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    Any Closer To The Ground And It Would Be Dangerous

    Today’s video is remarkable. If you’re a pilot, a bona-fide Avgeek, or just an enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy this ride! The footage was captured during a United States Air Force F-16 Viper Demonstration Team flight. But that’s not all folks. While the demonstration itself (shown from both the pilot’s perspective as well as from […]

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    Deployments Suck — Creative Marshaling Makes It Better

    Maintainers Make Long Days More Tolerable Let’s not beat around the bush here…deployments suck, especially around the holidays.  It doesn’t matter whether you are in the desert or stationed in a cooler climate for an exercise.  The fact remains that you are away from your family, you sleep with smelly roommates, and you probably eat the […]

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    F-16s Escort Dutch Olympians Home After The Games

    This is one way to celebrate returning Olympians! The Royal Netherlands Air Force sure know how to celebrate in style. Olympians returning on a specially painted orange Boeing 777-300ER KLM jet were met at the border upon their return by two special airborne guests. Two Dutch F-16s flew wingman for the massive Boeing jet within […]

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    Boom! How a F-16’s Sonic Boom Kept Special Forces Alive

    Quick thinking and creativity of a F-16 pilot saved allied lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ten days into Operation Iraqi Freedom, two F-16 aircraft cruised into the airspace. One was flown by Lt. Colonel Edward Lynch. They got a call to fly somewhere north of where they were, and got there as fast as they […]

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    F-16 Hits Tree and Somehow Manages To Land Safely

    If you’ve ever wondered if the F-16 is a robust, survivable platform, here’s proof that it is. The F-16 fighter pilot clipped the top of a ridge during a ridge crossing on a low level training mission. It is a tribute to the engine (probably a Pratt & Whitney) to continue running with tree parts […]

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    Mixed Bag: Turkish Airlines Resumes Flights, Others Suspend Service as Coup Fails

    Turkey awoke this morning to a failed coup and significant uncertainty across the nation. The coup kicked off yesterday evening with rebel troops and tanks securing key bridges in Istanbul. A rebel helicopter destroyed a police headquarters in Ankara.  Then a few F-16s provided a show of force over the city.  Hours later though, Turkish President Erdogan appeared on CNN Turk […]