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    Book Captures True Story Of B-17 Crew’s Resilience In WWII

    Growing up, I knew the basics about his father’s war history. He was a B-17 pilot and stationed at Thurleigh, England with the 306th Bomb Group. His plane was named the Susan Ruth after my oldest sister who was one year old at the time he went overseas. He flew combat bombing missions over occupied […]

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    Happy Birthday B-17 Flying Fortress!

    At 81 years young, the iconic Boeing still soldiers on… Back on July 28, 1935, the might B-17 Flying Fortress took to the skies over western Washington on it’s maiden flight.  The B-17 was Boeing’s answer to the Army Air Corps’ request for a large, multi-engine bomber.  Boeing went from design to first test-flight in […]

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    The Week In Review: A Look Back At The Stories And Videos Of The Last Seven Days

    The week that was – a compilation of Avgeekery.com stories and videos from the last seven days. Happy Mothers Day, Avgeeks!  Don’t forget to call your mom.  Here are two stories this week that honor women who did the extraordinary. JetBlue offered another great promotion for passengers on a recent flight by turning tears into […]

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    Bombs Away! You Can Become a Real Bombardier at Bomber Camp

    The only camp in the world where you can experience what it was like to load and drop bombs from WWII bombers. Bright sunlight glitters in the bluebird sky as streaks of white contrails stream behind the lumbering bomber force like beacons pointing the way. Dream-like in flight, little is heard save the roar of […]

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    A ‘new’ B-17 Rolling off the Assembly Line

    Some people might see this headline and call the avgeekery.com staff crazy.  But it’s true.  Volunteers at the Champaign Aviation Museum in Urbana, Ohio are building a ‘new’ B-17.  This isn’t merely a restoration project of a single dilapidated hull.  This soon to be flyable airplane is made from restored parts along with new fabricated […]