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    F-15 Shoots Down Drone in Syria, Scores First Air To Air Kill In 20 Years

    A U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle shot down a drone this afternoon over Syria, after the unmanned “predator sized” aircraft dropped a munition near U.S. ground and coalition forces. The incident occurred in the town of At Tanf, an outpost close to the Jordanian border where U.S. special ops, Syrian rebel forces and other coalition partners train to fight […]

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    Stunning 360 Degree Flight Footage From a P-51 Cockpit

    This footage, published on August 28th of 2016, presents a flight with a 360-degree view from the cockpit of a P-51D Mustang. The video segment was captured by Lyle Jansma of Aerocapture Images, at the 2016 Utah Air Show. The Utah Air Show took place at Hill Air Force base. The footage was filmed for […]

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    Stealthly Return? Production restart of F-22 Raptor could be in works

    House subcommittee asks Air Force to submit study to restart production of F-22 Raptor. The House Armed Services subcommittee on tactical air and land forces is indicating that production of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor could resume. The committee is directing the Air Force to report on the cost and feasibility of restarting the assembly […]

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    Air Force Announces Successful Weapons Test For F-35A Joint Strike Fighter

    Is the much-maligned and mega-expensive F-35A Joint Strike Fighter moving toward operational reality? The Air Force announced Tuesday that F-35A JSFs successfully dropped laser-guided bombs during tests last week. The 388th and 419th fighter wings at Utah’s Hill Air Force Base participated in the tests. “This is significant because we’re building the confidence of our […]

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    Air Force Unveils Next Generation Bomber, The B-21

    Air Force displays rendering of new stealth bomber for the first time. Dear ISIS and other (potential) enemies of America: You mess with the bull, you get the … B-21. Friday U.S. Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James revealed an artist’s concept design and the designation of the next generation long-range strike bomber. James was […]

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    New KC-46 Tanker is Taking Shape

    The KC-46 program is beginning to take shape.  Underway after many false starts, contract disputes and lawsuits, the first aircraft recently rolled off the production line.  Engines haven’t been added yet, nor has the boom.  The aircraft will enter ground and electronics testing soon with its first flight expected later this year.  The first delivery […]

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    “Sail” on a Giant C-5

    Sure the song may be trite by now, but getting a virtual ride and behind the scenes look in a giant C-5 isn’t.  The C-5 is a very capable plane that can carry 36 pallets and many, many different kinds of outsized and oversized cargo including tanks and helicopters.  Although the older C-5s suffer from […]