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    Failure To Launch: The Legacy of the McDonnell Douglas MD-12 Program

    Was the proposed MD-12 Jumbo way ahead of its time or just a ‘Hail Mary’ attempt to keep airlines interested in an ailing company? Avgeekery explores the ‘why’ behind the failed MD-12 program. McDonnell Douglas surprised the world in 1992 by unveiling a full double decker airliner program. Although certainly not as majestic as the […]

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    Qantas A-380 says ‘Howdy’ to DFW Airport

    It’s a big week at DFW Airport! The era of the jumbo has returned to North Texas.  Qantas launched Airbus A-380 service today to DFW airport.  It marks a new era in aviation as the world’s largest passenger airplane now flies the world’s longest non-stop flight between DFW Airport and Sydney.  QF7 and QF8 are […]

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    Inside the Cockpit View of a Lufthansa A380 landing at SFO

    What’s it like to fly the largest commercial flying aircraft in the world to one of the busiest airports in the United States?  There’s a documentary video for that!  Take a ride in the cockpit of Lufthansa flight LH454 as they fly non-stop from Germany to SFO.  In the video, you’ll see the massive coordination […]