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    A British Airways A380 Makes The Right Decision To Go Around

    The pilot of this British Airways recognizes that he/she is landing long.  That is the right thing to do This British Airways A380 was cleared for landing at Vancouver International Airport and just before the tires hit the tarmac, the pilot aborted the landing and powered up for a go around. The second attempt was […]

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    Failure To Launch: The Legacy of the McDonnell Douglas MD-12 Program

    Was the proposed MD-12 Jumbo way ahead of its time or just a ‘Hail Mary’ attempt to keep airlines interested in an ailing company? Avgeekery explores the ‘why’ behind the failed MD-12 program. McDonnell Douglas surprised the world in 1992 by unveiling a full double decker airliner program. Although certainly not as majestic as the […]

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    Qantas A-380 says ‘Howdy’ to DFW Airport

    It’s a big week at DFW Airport! The era of the jumbo has returned to North Texas.  Qantas launched Airbus A-380 service today to DFW airport.  It marks a new era in aviation as the world’s largest passenger airplane now flies the world’s longest non-stop flight between DFW Airport and Sydney.  QF7 and QF8 are […]

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    Inside the Cockpit View of a Lufthansa A380 landing at SFO

    What’s it like to fly the largest commercial flying aircraft in the world to one of the busiest airports in the United States?  There’s a documentary video for that!  Take a ride in the cockpit of Lufthansa flight LH454 as they fly non-stop from Germany to SFO.  In the video, you’ll see the massive coordination […]