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    WATCH: Boeing 787 Farnborough Practice Routine is Simply Amazing

    Fighter Pilots call it max performing their jet.  Dreamliner pilots call it the airshow profile. For the past three years, Boeing has produced a slick airshow practice video of their 787 Dreamliner prior the the major European airshows at Farnborough and Paris.   This third iteration turns the intensity up to eleven. Featuring ANA’s 787-9, the […]

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    Six Reasons Why Boeing Faces Hard Choices In Replacing The 757

    Boeing, which recently rolled out wide body 777s and 787s plus has the new 737 MAX, is contemplating a mid-size narrow-body aircraft. Boeing stopped making 757s over a decade ago and Boeing will be facing competition from Airbus in terms of mid-size aircraft that have improved fuel efficiency. Commercial airlines seek aircraft that allow them […]

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    Air Canada’s First 787 is revealed in full paint

    Air Canada’s First 787 came out of the paint shop this week in full pale blue livery.  This is their first 787.  In December, Air Canada announced that the 787 will initially fly the 787 Dreamliner domestically with international service to follow later in the year.  The first announced international route is Toronto to Tokyo […]