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    Eight Notable Presidential Campaign Aircraft That Changed The Speed Of Politics

    Airplanes have revolutionized our nation and changed the way candidates campaign. The airplane has been an important campaign tool for presidential candidates from the early 1950s. Not all candidates, however have had a dedicated campaign plane. Many simply used on-demand charters of business aircraft. And very few actually had access to aircraft owned by them […]

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    Full Power: Massive 757 Does High-Speed Flyby Followed By Unrestricted Climb

    This lightweight 757 does a low-level fly-by followed by a cloud-piercing climb. If you are an avgeek, you’ll love watching this video.  We’re suckers for unrestricted climbs of our favorite aircraft.  The 757 is definitely on the list. The 757 was developed to take the place of the popular 727. A narrow-body, single-aisle commercial aircraft, it […]

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    Six Reasons Why Boeing Faces Hard Choices In Replacing The 757

    Boeing, which recently rolled out wide body 777s and 787s plus has the new 737 MAX, is contemplating a mid-size narrow-body aircraft. Boeing stopped making 757s over a decade ago and Boeing will be facing competition from Airbus in terms of mid-size aircraft that have improved fuel efficiency. Commercial airlines seek aircraft that allow them […]

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    Airliners Nearly Scrape The Hills On Landing At This Central American Airport

    This airfield is one of the most challenging commercial airports to land at in the world. Our second installment of this week’s series of dangerous airports around the world features Toncontín International Airport which is less than four miles from downtown Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The mountainous terrain creates two challenging factors for commercial pilots. First, the […]

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    American Airlines 757 gets new paint

    Photo courtesy of Josh Smith. American Airlines finally revealed their new ‘piano keys’ livery on the Boeing 757. Now the only remaining aircraft type not to receive the makeover in the new livery yet is the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 fleet.  With the MD-80 retirement looming, it is not expected that the MD-80 fleet will receive […]

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    Trump’s 757 Flies 12 Minute Joy Ride Over NYC

    Trump took a joyride around New York City in a 757 yesterday. Donald Trump’s private 757 flew a 12 minute flight from New York LaGuardia to JFK airport yesterday.   Even though it was an IFR flight, the distance between the two locations was so small that no intermediate points were filed on the flight […]

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    Truck Drives Into UPS 757 On Tarmac

    There are no words for the stupidity displayed in this video.  The incident occurred at Miami International Airport a few years back.  We heard the driver was fired.  No word on how significant the damage was to the aircraft.