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    We Already Know Pilots Are Rockstars But Did You Know There Are A Few Pilot Rockstars?

    Rockstar. Captain of the industry, and Pilot:  What do these three roles have in common?  In this case, they are the same man.  Bruce Dickinson is the lead vocalist for the metal band Iron Maiden, chairman of an international aviation development firm, and an airline pilot with experience ranging from single engine to the biggest […]

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    United To Accelerate Retirement Of Iconic Jet

    It’s a Sight You Won’t See Much Longer The Queen of The Skies won’t be around much longer at United Airlines. United announced today that their fleet of 747-400s would be retired in the fourth quarter on 2017.  United had previously planned to retire the fleet by the end of 2018. The move in the […]

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    KLM 747 Crew Wows Tourists With Approach To St. Maarten

    Measuring a mere 7,500 feet, and surrounded by hills, Saint Maarten has one of the world’s most challenging runways for a heavy aircraft and one of the best spotting locations for Avgeeks! Join the captain onboard a flight to this serene tropical island. Get ready for an exciting landing in this 6-minute video production. By […]

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    The Queen of The Skies Lifts Off in All Her Majesty

    We all know that the glory days of the 747 are waning as Boeing 777s, 787’s and Airbus A350s and A380s continue to replace the Queen of the Skies on many trunk routes.  Yet there is something very magical about a giant 747 lifting off the ground. Would you stand at the end of this […]

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    What a Rush! This 747-400’s Long Takeoff Roll Made Tourists Duck At St. Maarten

    “Oh, My Lord!”  The combination of a relatively short runway, isolated location, and warm temps make for impressive takeoffs in front wide eyed tourists. St. Maarten is an incredible airport for Avgeeks.  Situated in the Caribbean, the island features beautiful beaches and a great climate all year round.  It is a popular tourist destinations for […]

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    You can buy a Retired 747-400 on EBay

    Max out your credit card – well, OK, a few credit cards – and buy yourself a 747-400 air frame. If you’ve got an extra $900,000 of disposable cash, you can buy Lady Penelope. Now, before the human trafficking police start an investigation, here’s the deal: There’s an offer on E-bay to purchase a retired […]

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    Ed Force One Boeing 747 Suffers Damage, Show Will Go On

    Towing Accident Damages Two Engines. Two airport employees were injured. No band members were onboard the aircraft. After only two weeks on tour, the Boeing 747 suffered significant damage in a towing accident yesterday.  According to Iron Maiden’s website, the aircraft: “was tethered to a tow truck to be taken for refueling prior to flying […]

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    How To Be A Rockstar And Fly Like A Rockstar | VIDEO

    What’s better than flying around like a rockstar?  How about being a rockstar and flying yourself and your band in a 747-400 around the world! A few weeks ago, an Avgeekery.com news roundup led with the item that Iron Maiden’s world tour would make its way around the globe via a customized 747. There’s even […]

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    Qantas 747 Takes Off With 5 Engines On Unique Rescue Flight

    You’ve heard of engine out approaches, but what about the dreaded extra engine approach? Ok, so the extra engine isn’t actually providing thrust, but it does create significant drag. With such a disbursed network spread over really long distances, Qantas occasionally faces unique maintenance challenges when one of their jets breaks down. Recently, one of their 747-400s needed […]