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    WestJet’s Frozen-Themed Jet Almost Ended Up In The Drink–What Could Have Happened?

    Dangerously low in marginal weather, a Frozen-themed WestJet 737-800 was seconds away from disaster.  Fortunately, they broke the error chain.  Let’s talk about what could have happened. On March 7, 2017, WestJet flight 2652 from Toronto to Saint Maarten made some unexpected ‘waves’. The Boeing 737-800 with the famed Frozen livery was flying a non-precision […]

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    Boeing 737 Pops Its Reversers Prior to Touchdown–But Why?

    It’s not a recommended procedure. Don’t do it. Tough times call for drastic measures.  We came across this video of a RyanAir 737-800 struggling to land at London Stansted Airport during Winter Storm Doris. In the video, you can see the pilot struggling with both a crosswind and gusty winds.  On the approach, the pilot […]

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    Alaska Honors Those Who Serve With A Special 737

    Alaska Airlines Honoring Those Who Serve In Seattle on October 26th the day was filled with star-spangled fanfare and a patriotic salute. Alaska Airlines unveiled a brand new 737-900ER aircraft designed in a new livery dedicated to “Honoring Those Who Serve.” Military customs & courtesies were rendered and the national anthem was sung at the […]