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    That Time an F-15 Pilot Shot Down a Satellite, 32 Years Ago This Week

    32 years ago this week, on Sept. 13, 1985, F-15 test pilot Maj. Wilbert D. “Doug” Pearson (now retired Maj. Gen.) took off from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on a mission which would see him become history’s first space ace. Dubbed the “Celestial Eagle Flight,” the assignment called for Pearson to make a near vertical ascent in a […] More

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    Russian Intercept of RC-135U Was Too Close For Comfort

    US and Russian relations have been rolling downhill for a number of years.  With tensions high between the two nations, one misstep could result in a very dangerous standoff between two nuclear powers. EUCOM recently released photos of a very close intercept that occurred earlier this year over the Baltic Sea.  In their accompanying statement, they […] More

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    Closeup with a Corsair And Two F/A-18 Super Hornets for Rare Navy Legacy Shoot

    Air shows bring out millions of spectators across the U.S. every year. Coast to coast it is the single biggest recruiting tool for the U.S. military, and gives them and civilian pilots the chance to share their passion of aviation with citizens who ordinarily would never get the chance otherwise. But the shows also give an opportunity […] More

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