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    Atlas Air Contract Dispute With Pilots Simmers Weeks Before Holiday Shipping Season

    The gloves are coming off in Atlas Air’s contract negotiations with the pilots’ union. The air cargo carrier accused pilots last month of intentionally slowing down work in an effort to gain an upper hand in contract discussions. The company filed a federal complaint alleging the pilots were intentionally calling in sick and refusing to […] More

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    Watch: New York Airways Was The Golden Age Of Helicopter Commuting

    When the New York Airways promotional film “The Skyline Route” was produced in 1962, the company had already operated above New York and the surrounding area for 13 years. Founded in 1949, New York Airways began carrying paying passengers aboard helicopters for the first time in 1953 using Sikorsky S-55 (think H-19 Chickasaw) helicopters. Soon […] More

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    Ramp Worker’s Funky Dance Moves Go Viral

    Working the ramp isn’t a particularly glamorous job. It involves a ton of physical exertion and you are at the mercy of the elements. As a ramp agent, the outside is your office. Heat, rain, snow, and sleet, are common. You are measured by your ability to ensure that the flights depart on-time. Passengers hardly […] More

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    BREAKING: Another Close Call for Air Canada at SFO As They Ignore “Go Around” Instructions

    “Possible pilot deviation, I have a number for you when you’re ready.” — Words you don’t want to hear from a controller. An Air Canada flight inbound to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Sunday night lucked out and avoided a potential disaster, just months after another Air Canada flight mistakenly lined up to land on a […] More

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    United Airlines Earnings Call Put CEO in the Hot Seat

    United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz was put squarely in the hot seat today, as analysts aggressively questioned him about management’s failure to get the company on a positive trajectory and deliver on results laid out in the 2016 Investor Day. At the time, Munoz painted a cautiously optimistic picture saying that in 2017 and 2018, […] More

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    Air Berlin Ceases Longhaul Flying With Wing Wave, Low Tower Flyby, and Water Cannon Salute

    Air Berlin long-haul pilots were determined to commemorate the last long-haul flights for the beleaguered airline.  In a series of questionable sendoffs, Air Berlin pilots commenced a wing-wave departure from Düsseldorf and another flight buzzed the tower upon return. It was an odd sendoff for an airline bankruptcy that is anything but normal. In this […] More

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    Boeing Calls Foul As Airbus Acquires Majority Stake in Bombardier’s C-Series Jetliner Program

    Airbus has struck a deal with Bombardier to acquire a majority stake in the struggling C Series airliner program, in a move that redefines the competitive landscape between Bombardier and rival Boeing. The announcement comes on the heels of attacks earlier this year from Boeing who accused Montreal, Quebec-based Bombardier of selling the C-Series jets […] More

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    The Real Reason that Southwest Just Announced Hawaii

    As you probably know by now, Southwest Airlines announced their intention to serve Hawaii this past Wednesday night. There has been speculation about if and when Southwest Airlines would begin service to Hawaii for years. Driving these rumors is the fact that they’ve been removing many of the obstacles holding them back from flying to the islands. […] More

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    Crew to Fly Damaged A380 from Canada to France On 3 Engines, Here’s How

    An Air France crew is preparing to fly their wounded double-decker A-380 home from Canada to France, nearly two weeks after the aircraft suffered a serious in-flight engine failure over the Atlantic Ocean, and they will make the 2,650 mile trip on only 3 engines. Air France Flight 66 landed safely at Goose Bay International Airport in Newfoundland, […] More

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