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    No, A Passenger’s Epic Fart Did Not Force a Plane to Evacuate Yesterday

    American Airlines is denying a passenger’s supposed fart of epic proportions as the cause for deplaning the aircraft at Raleigh Durham International Airport yesterday afternoon. In a bizarre story which originally appeared on local WNCN-TV that has gone viral, passengers reportedly complained of nausea and headaches spurred by a foul-smell in the cabin of American flight 1927 from Charlotte to RDU. The […]

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    Tristar Experience L-1011 Lands Safely After Engine Issues

    Rare L-1011 flight makes emergency return on what was supposed to be its last flight. Update #1 7/15/2017:  We received updated information that the jet made a precautionary return yesterday due to an oil pressure issue and a few other problems.  After a few hours of maintenance, the jet was ready to go.  The jet […]

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    Additional Footage Of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash at SFO Shows Tower View

    The crash of Asiana Flight 214, a Boeing 777-28EER (HL7742) at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) took place on July 6th 2013. The flight originated at Incheon International Airport near Seoul, South Korea. On final approach to runway 28L the aircraft made contact with the water short of the runway. After that the aircraft made […]

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    Five Ways To Tell the Boeing 737 MAX Apart From Older 737s

    With Boeing completing its first 737 MAX delivery in May, and major airlines like Southwest and Norwegian (no comment) are receiving their aircraft soon, the hype is building for the new MAX series. Boeing recently flew a very sporty Paris Air Show profile in the jet too.  A few avgeeks have recently asked us, “how can you spot […]

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    The A380plus Will Probably Fail: Here’s Why

    The Airbus A380 is easily known as the largest passenger aircraft in existence, entering commercial service in 2007. A big deal when it first came on the market, and even now, it can carry the most people on a regular basis, and continues to do so around the world. However, a trend’s popped up that […]

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    Supersonic Passenger Travel is Back in Business

    Futuristic aircraft manufacturer Boom Supersonic made waves at the Paris Air Show this week as it revealed its revolutionary aircraft prototype and design, which could hit the skies for testing as early as next year. The aircraft, which is expected to make supersonic travel affordable (though affordable is a relative term — it’s guessed that […]