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    VAQ-130 ZAPPERS 2016 Cruise Video is AvGeek Overdose

    “To win in combat with trained aircrew and combat ready aircraft whenever called upon to support and defend the Constitution of the United States through the military element of power” Electronic Attack plays a critical role in military aviation warfare, taking out an enemy’s defenses, radar and anything dependent on electronics to operate. These squadrons […] More

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    Bye Bye F-4! When USAF Thunderbirds “Downsized” Due To Oil Crisis

    When the United States Air Force (USAF) Precision Flight Demonstration Team transitioned from the McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II to the Northrop T-38 Talon in 1974, they did so in large part because the entire formation of T-38s used only slightly more fuel than a single F-4E. Anyone who saw the Thunderbirds perform their show […] More

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    My First Bomb Run in Vietnam

    When asked if I killed anyone during the Vietnam War, I have to answer that I don’t know. I may have, and probably did, since my B-52 bomber crew dropped many thousand pounds of bombs on the Cambodian jungle, but I will never actually know. I only flew two live bombing runs in August 1973, […] More

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    The Red Rippers’ Last Tomcat Cruise

    When US Navy Fighter Squadron ELEVEN (VF-11) Red Rippers returned from their 2004 deployment with Carrier Air Wing SEVEN (CVW-7) aboard the carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73), an era came to an end for the Red Rippers. During that eventful Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom deployment the Red Rippers flew repeated bombing sorties […] More

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    Transatlantic Range And 2X Supersonic Speed-That Was The Concorde

    When the British Airways Film Unit produced the promotional film “Transatlantic Supersonic” in 1976, the Aérospatiale / BAC Concorde supersonic transport (SST) had only just entered scheduled service with British Airways. The Concorde was jointly developed and manufactured by Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale) and the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) under an Anglo-French treaty. A total […] More

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    Yeager’s Supersonic Ride: The Bell X-1 Was A Bullet With Wings Packed Full Of The Right Stuff

    The Bell X-1 was the rocket-powered aircraft that exceeded the speed of sound in level flight while piloted by legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager on October 14th 1947. The aircraft, developed largely during World War II by Bell Aircraft along with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF) […] More

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    Lockheed’s ES-3A Shadow Knew What Evil Lurked Over The Horizon

    This Replacement For The Venerable EA-3B “Electric Whale” Only Served For Eight Very Busy Years In 1991 the last Navy EA-3B Skywarrior was retired after 40 years of service. The last Douglas EA-3B Electric Whale, 146448 assigned to Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron TWO (VQ-2) Batmen, went to the boneyard later that year. The Lockheed ES-3A […] More

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