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    Against All Odds, The Boeing B-50 Flew The First Non-Stop Around-The-World Flight

    The B-50 only flew for a few years but it set one of the most fabled aviation records first. On February 26th 1949 the Boeing B-50A-5-BO Superfortress, Air Force serial number 46-010, named “Lucky Lady II” took off on what was to become the first non-stop around-the-world flight. United States Air Force Captain James G. Gallagher and […]

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    Avgeek Favorite DC-9 Turns 52 Years Young Today

    Want proof that you are getting old? The DC-9 is over a half-century old. Today marks the 52nd birthday for the beloved “Diesel” -9 jet.  Back in 1965, Douglas powered up the twin-engine short haul jet for the very first time at Long Beach Airport.  The DC-9 took to the skies with the promise of […]

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    American Airlines’ New Boarding Policy Is Indicative Of a Larger Culture Problem

    Like a canary in the coal mine, their unimaginative ‘solution’ to the shit-show boarding process might indicate that American is struggling more than you think. American Airlines has had a tough time lately.  Despite raking in record profits ($2.7 billion last year), things seem to be headed in the wrong direction.  American’s struggle with their labor […]

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    PHOTO ESSAY: The WWII Museum Is an Avgeek Must-See!

    The National World War II (WWII) Museum in New Orleans covers all aspects of WWII. It emphasizes the personal dimensions of combat, often told through first-hand combat accounts of soldiers, sailors, Marines, as well as seen by politicians and civilians. Still, no account of WWII is complete without recognizing the aircraft that were instrumental (or […]

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    Hell Hath No Fury Like a Sea Fury

    One of the few prop fighters to shoot down a jet.  The Sea Fury was fierce. On February 21st 1945, the prototype Hawker Sea Fury flew for the first time. The Hawker Sea Fury was designed by legendary British designer Sydney Camm and manufactured by Hawker for the Royal Navy, but began as an effort […]

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    This Guy Got Sucked In A Jet Engine…And Survived!

    One Lucky Guy! The video starts with Carrier Air Wing 8 flight operations on the flight deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71). According to the flight deck camera time it is 03:40:57 in the morning of February 20th 1991. The carrier was one of several carriers launching air strikes in support of US and […]

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    Japan Never Saw It Coming Thanks To These Brave Men

    Deception, heroism, and smart planning by Task Force 58 led to a successful wave of attacks that crippled imperial Japanese forces in the Pacific. Between the 16th and 17th of February 1945, US Navy Task Force 58 conducted the first carrier-based strikes against the Japanese home islands since the Doolittle Raid in April of 1942. The […]