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    Launch of Classified Satellite to Light Up California Coast Tonight

    UPDATE 9/21/2017 5:26PM PT: A statement from ULA, “The ULA Atlas V rocket carrying the NROL-42 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office has been delayed. The delay allows the team time to replace a faulty battery on the Atlas V booster. The vehicle and spacecraft remain stable. Launch of the NROL-42 mission is scheduled for […] More

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    Crazy Video Shows Russian Attack Helicopter Misfire Rocket Directly at Onlookers

    Some wild video has recently surfaced from Russia (of course), showing a pair of Ka-52 attack helicopters approaching a crowd of onlookers, before one accidentally fires missiles directly at them. In reports published by Russian media this week, the helos were participating in “Zapad 2017” war games, and were conducting a training exercise at a […] More

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    That Time an F-15 Pilot Shot Down a Satellite, 32 Years Ago This Week

    32 years ago this week, on Sept. 13, 1985, F-15 test pilot Maj. Wilbert D. “Doug” Pearson (now retired Maj. Gen.) took off from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on a mission which would see him become history’s first space ace. Dubbed the “Celestial Eagle Flight,” the assignment called for Pearson to make a near vertical ascent in a […] More

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