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    Delta Says Goodbye To Business Class On Some Transatlantic Flights

    Delta Air Lines giveth. And Delta Air Lines taketh away. You could call it robbing Peter to pay Paul, but both international and domestic routes are affected by recent decisions made by the Atlanta-based airline. Delta is adding Delta One service to routes between New York and Las Vegas, Seattle and San Diego. This premium […] More

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    MGM Grand Air Had ‘Emirates’-Like Luxury In The 1980s

    First class is typically luxurious.  MGM Grand pioneered super-luxurious accommodations in the 1980s.  Emirates is now taking luxury to the next level in 2017. Flying first class has always been the preferred mode of travel for the privileged among us. Celebrities, dignitaries and star athletes fly first class on luxury airlines that offer every amenity […] More

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    Island Air Shutdown Gives Hawaiian Airlines A Monopoly, But For How Long?

    Hawaii’s second largest airline shut down on November 10th. Island Air flew inter-island routes in Hawaii Island, Maui, Oahu and Kauai for the past 37 years but ceased operations as of midnight Friday. For the past four years, the airline has fallen short of revenue expectations. Island air management says that a dispute with aircraft […] More

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    Gordon Bethune: The Man Who Turned Continental Airlines Around

    Gordon Bethune, the legendary CEO that turned Continental Airlines around when it was teetering on the brink of collapse, is one of the most acclaimed and colorful airline executives in U.S. history. Bethune left his operations executive position at Boeing in February 1994 and joined the troubled airline as Chief Operating Officer in the nick […] More

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    United Pulls A Delta: Airline Rumored To Purchase Used Airbus Jets

    United is taking a move from the Delta playbook and is rumored to be eyeing a deal to buy up to 40 used Airbus jets. Purchasing used planes is part of the airline’s plans to slash expenses and regain confidence from investors. Shoring up cost control efforts and spurring revenue growth have been front and […] More

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    Potentially Fatal Listeria Bug Surfaces at LAX Caterer

    Traces of the bacteria listeria, which can cause fatal food poisoning in vulnerable people, was found in the kitchen of a catering facility at LAX. This prompted American Airlines’ decision to stop using Gate Gourmet catering, at least temporarily. Listeria was found around drains and on the floors but not on surfaces that come into […] More

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    China’s Giant Cargo Drone Makes Maiden Flight

    China’s heaviest cargo drone with a maximum take-off weight of 3.4 tonnes and 1.5 tonne payload took its first test flight this weekend at Neifu Airport in Pucheng. The AT-200 is one of the most powerful drones ever to be used in a commerical application. The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics says it was in the […] More

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    Atlas Air Contract Dispute With Pilots Simmers Weeks Before Holiday Shipping Season

    The gloves are coming off in Atlas Air’s contract negotiations with the pilots’ union. The air cargo carrier accused pilots last month of intentionally slowing down work in an effort to gain an upper hand in contract discussions. The company filed a federal complaint alleging the pilots were intentionally calling in sick and refusing to […] More

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    Hardware from the Boeing 747-400 Being Auctioned Off | Take Home a Piece of United Airlines History

    Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of aviation history! Literally speaking, a piece of the infamous Boeing 747 fleet from United Airlines can be in your living room. To celebrate the aircraft’s retirement from the fleet, MileagePlus Exclusives is offering passengers with accumulated award miles a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exchange award points for […] More

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    Eagle And Bunny Strike Forces Virgin Australia Emergency Landing in Melbourne

    A Virgin Australia flight headed for Brisbane, Australia had to make an emergency landing Friday after hitting an eagle. The eagle was carrying a rabbit in its talons and collided with the plane’s landing gear, shorting after the passenger plane took off from Tullamarine. The pilot of flight VA319 radioed the control tower with reports […] More

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