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    Air Force Likely To Bring Back B-52 Nuclear Alerts

    The Air Force is likely to bring back 24-hour nuclear alerts for the B-52 soon. Continued threats by North Korea along with escalation in tensions with China and Russia are the primary reasons cited. In an interview with DefenseOne, Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen David Goldfein said, “This is yet one more step in […] More

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    Air Berlin Ceases Longhaul Flying With Wing Wave, Low Tower Flyby, and Water Cannon Salute

    Air Berlin long-haul pilots were determined to commemorate the last long-haul flights for the beleaguered airline.  In a series of questionable sendoffs, Air Berlin pilots commenced a wing-wave departure from Düsseldorf and another flight buzzed the tower upon return. It was an odd sendoff for an airline bankruptcy that is anything but normal. In this […] More

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    1980s Flight on an Eastern 727: A Window Seat To A Different Era

    Aviation sure has changed.  Back in the 1980s, airports were filled with DC-10s, 727s, DC-9s, and a number of L-1011s sprinkled in for good measure.  Airline seats were roomy and cabins were filled with smoke.  Passengers complained about bad airline food but those that flew would get three square meals, not just peanuts. It was […] More

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    United Kicks Off 747 Farewell Tour With Beautiful Tribute Video

    United Airlines is in the midst of a farewell tour of sorts for its Boeing 747-400 fleet.  As we have previously reported, United is retiring its ‘Queen of the Skies’ and replacing it with a combination of Boeing 777-300ERs and the forthcoming A350XWBs at the end of the decade.  While the 747 is a majestic […] More

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    My First Bomb Run in Vietnam

    When asked if I killed anyone during the Vietnam War, I have to answer that I don’t know. I may have, and probably did, since my B-52 bomber crew dropped many thousand pounds of bombs on the Cambodian jungle, but I will never actually know. I only flew two live bombing runs in August 1973, […] More

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    Southwest Airlines Announces Hawaii, Service To Begin in 2018

    Southwest Airlines announced service to Hawaii this evening at their company ‘Spirit Party’. Service will begin in 2018. The airline  also announced its intention to launch an application process for Federal Aviation Administration authorization for Extended Operations (ETOPS). Service details will be announced at a later date. The ‘Spirit Party’ is a company-wide celebration of what […] More

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    4K VIDEO: The Emotional 73rd Commemoration of the Largest Airborne Operation in History

    Last month, 17,000 spectators at the Ginkel Heath in Ede, The Netherlands, watched 250 Paratroopers from the United States, England, Poland and Germany jump out of transport aircraft like the USAF C-130 Hercules, the Polish CASA C-295 and the German C-160 Transall and an old USAAF C-47 Skytrain during Airborne 2017, the 73rd Commemoration of […] More

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    Southwest Reveals Special Themed Jet For New Pixar Movie CoCo

    Southwest Airlines has done it again!  Southwest Airlines partnered with Pixar to promote the new Disney movie titled “CoCo”.  “Coco” is a story about an aspiring musician Miguel and charming trickster Hector embark on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history. As part of the promotion, Southwest has applied extensive […] More

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    Train For Combat Like A North Korean Pilot in 5 Easy Steps

    Propaganda is used to incite fear or influence an audience towards a certain objective. The best propaganda can strike at the heart of the enemy without firing a single shot.  This video is obviously meant to strike fear into the hearts of North Korea’s enemies. In this YouTube clip, Werner Beroux captured footage broadcast on North Korean television […] More

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    BREAKING: Fire Extinguished Near Cargo Hold of American 777-300ER

    American Airlines Flight 192 was cancelled today after a ground support vehicle caught fire near the Boeing 777-300ER. First photos and videos that appeared on social media looked as if the aircraft itself had caught fire. Additional images though more clearly showed that it was only a “K-loader” used to load cargo into the cargo […] More

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