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    Blue Angels, F-22 Raptor to headline Golden Isles Airshow this weekend

    Coastal Georgia’s first air show in twenty years is poised for take-off over Brunswick this weekend as the Wings Over the Golden Isles hosts the Navy’s Blue Angels, F-22 Raptor, and many more military and civilian aircraft. The two-day event actually begins with a twilight air show Friday evening featuring the F-22, civilian aircraft, and […]

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    Don’t Be A Moron And Stand Behind A Jet Like This Guy

    Want skinned knees and a broken camera?  Guaranteed…with a chance of a bruised noggin too! We’ve profiled Skiathos Airport in Greece before.  Many people call it the St. Maarten of Europe.  With short runways and a road right at the end of one end, it makes for some incredible photos and videos of arrivals and departures. […]

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    B-1 Bone Shreds Cadet Ears Prior to Recognition Event

    Flyover kicked off three days of intense training before freshman cadets get recognized. The B-1B Bone flew a loud, afterburner-fueled low-pass that kicked off recognition.  For freshman cadets who were about to endure a relentless three-day exercise known as recognition, the flyover gave them hope.  The next three days of their life would suck, but one […]

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    Hog Pilot Jots Down His Twelve Greatest A-10 Memories

    A-10 Pilot Don Ramm recalls the ups and downs of flying the best close support aircraft ever built (we admit we’re biased). By Don Ramm Welcome to the flying memories of a peace time pilot. I started pilot training in September of 1973 and dropped my last practice bomb in 1989. The closest I got […]

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    So Low You Could Reach Out And Touch The Mad Dog

    V1…Rotate.  Dude, C’mon…Rotate! We’ve posted a few videos of arrivals at St. Maarten.  We’ve even had one of our own avgeeks profile his trip down to the island.  It’s a magical place with pristine beaches, beautiful weather, and (of course) gorgeous low flying planes. Most of the videos out there though show the beach arrivals. […]

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    Avgeek Favorite DC-9 Turns 52 Years Young Today

    Want proof that you are getting old? The DC-9 is over a half-century old. Today marks the 52nd birthday for the beloved “Diesel” -9 jet.  Back in 1965, Douglas powered up the twin-engine short haul jet for the very first time at Long Beach Airport.  The DC-9 took to the skies with the promise of […]

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    American Airlines’ New Boarding Policy Is Indicative Of a Larger Culture Problem

    Like a canary in the coal mine, their unimaginative ‘solution’ to the shit-show boarding process might indicate that American is struggling more than you think. American Airlines has had a tough time lately.  Despite raking in record profits ($2.7 billion last year), things seem to be headed in the wrong direction.  American’s struggle with their labor […]