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    Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? To Fly In A Glider Of Course

    I’ll be honest, I have no clue why this rooster flew in a glider.  But the video is somehow mesmerizing and I couldn’t stop watching it.  A guy really took his pet bird for a glider ride in the alps of Austria. It doesn’t appear that the bird enjoyed the flight though. A big chunky fellow like that makes […]

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    How the Sausage Is Made — Watching Asiana’s First A350 Being Built Is Mesmerizing

    It’s like watching giant multi-million dollar lego parts getting snapped together. With state-of-the-art engines, a high amount of composites, and high-tech flourishes, the A350 is quickly becoming a favorite of airlines and passengers alike.  The A350 XWB is meant to fill a gap between the A330 and A380 in Airbus’s lineup.  The A350 has a […]

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    Extremely Hard Landing Of Jumbo Boeing Jet Caught On Tape

    Wow…Glad I wasn’t on that flight. It’s one of the those hold your breath videos.  A Massive Boeing 747-400 cargo jet operated by Silkway Airlines landed, err…smashed into the runway at Shiphol International Airport last month.  The jet appeared to encounter a large sink rate during its flare.  Instead of going around, the jet continued and […]

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    WestJet Changes Its Name To Canada Air–Well Sorta

    WestJet makes announcement with a new video highlighting how Canadian they are. This time of year, its nearly impossible to tell truth from fake news.  WestJet had some April Fools fun by letting the world know that Canadians are better than any other country.  Their friendliness, diversity, and generosity sets Canadians apart from the rest of […]

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    Don’t Be A Moron And Stand Behind A Jet Like This Guy

    Want skinned knees and a broken camera?  Guaranteed…with a chance of a bruised noggin too! We’ve profiled Skiathos Airport in Greece before.  Many people call it the St. Maarten of Europe.  With short runways and a road right at the end of one end, it makes for some incredible photos and videos of arrivals and departures. […]

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    B-1 Bone Shreds Cadet Ears Prior to Recognition Event

    Flyover kicked off three days of intense training before freshman cadets get recognized. The B-1B Bone flew a loud, afterburner-fueled low-pass that kicked off recognition.  For freshman cadets who were about to endure a relentless three-day exercise known as recognition, the flyover gave them hope.  The next three days of their life would suck, but one […]

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    Hog Pilot Jots Down His Twelve Greatest A-10 Memories

    A-10 Pilot Don Ramm recalls the ups and downs of flying the best close support aircraft ever built (we admit we’re biased). By Don Ramm Welcome to the flying memories of a peace time pilot. I started pilot training in September of 1973 and dropped my last practice bomb in 1989. The closest I got […]

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    So Low You Could Reach Out And Touch The Mad Dog

    V1…Rotate.  Dude, C’mon…Rotate! We’ve posted a few videos of arrivals at St. Maarten.  We’ve even had one of our own avgeeks profile his trip down to the island.  It’s a magical place with pristine beaches, beautiful weather, and (of course) gorgeous low flying planes. Most of the videos out there though show the beach arrivals. […]