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    BREAKING: Thunderbirds Incident at Dayton

    UPDATE: 6:58PM CT: A press conference was held this afternoon regarding the crash. Both occupants of the two-ship F-16D are in good condition. See recap of today’s events here. UPDATE 12:34PM CT:  Here is live footage of the incident provided by WHIO. 12:20PM CT The Dayton Daily News is reporting that a Thunderbirds aircraft ‘crashed’ […]

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    Boeing’s Newest Jets Go ‘Near Vertical’ In Practice Performance Before Paris Air Show

    Ok, so it’s not REALLY near vertical…but it is some damn impressive and aggressive flying by professional pilots flying Boeing’s newest jetliners. For the past few years, Boeing has put together amazing summer air show routines.  In preparation for each year’s performance, Boeing also has put together incredible videos documenting the practice with cinematic flair. […]

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    The CRJ-200 is the Nickelback Of The Skies

    Eight Reasons Why The CRJ-200 Is The Worst Airliner In The Skies Today Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s necessary. The CRJ-200 is the shittiest airliner flying today.  Yep, we said it.  We’ll go a step further.  It’s the Nickelback of the skies.  Canadians are great people but between Justin Bieber, Nickelback, and the CRJ-200, […]

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    The Most Hated Regional Jet Is One Amazing R/C Model

    This thing is huge! No one books a trip and hopes that they end up flying on a Bombardier CRJ-200.  With little headroom, tiny slimline seats, and a bathroom could double as a torture chamber, the 50-seat regional jet is on many avgeek’s ‘do not fly’ list. Yet when we saw this remote control CRJ, […]

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    Hawaiian Airlines Introduces Livery Update, But Diecast Modelmaker Ruined The Surprise

    Hawaiian Airlines formally unveiled their updated livery on Monday, May 1.  The livery update features the title “Hawaiian” in a more modern stylized font.  The updated colors also sport a more modern Pualani (Flower of the Sky) on the tail with a grey lei wrapped around the fuselage. New livery for #hawaiianairlines #aviationphotograph #aviationnerd #avnerd […]

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    A-10s And C-17s Train In The Dirt And It’s A Video You Can’t Miss

    The ability to operate in an austere environment is one factor that makes the Air Force massively effective and lethal.  Aircraft like the C-17 and C-130 can rapidly fly-in equipment necessary to rapidly set up a base.  A-10s can also operate from unimproved strips.  Within hours, flat terrain can be turned into a base. Recently, […]

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    Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? To Fly In A Glider Of Course

    I’ll be honest, I have no clue why this rooster flew in a glider.  But the video is somehow mesmerizing and I couldn’t stop watching it.  A guy really took his pet bird for a glider ride in the alps of Austria. It doesn’t appear that the bird enjoyed the flight though. A big chunky fellow like that makes […]

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    Extremely Hard Landing Of Jumbo Boeing Jet Caught On Tape

    Wow…Glad I wasn’t on that flight. It’s one of the those hold your breath videos.  A Massive Boeing 747-400 cargo jet operated by Silkway Airlines landed, err…smashed into the runway at Shiphol International Airport last month.  The jet appeared to encounter a large sink rate during its flare.  Instead of going around, the jet continued and […]

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    WestJet Changes Its Name To Canada Air–Well Sorta

    WestJet makes announcement with a new video highlighting how Canadian they are. This time of year, its nearly impossible to tell truth from fake news.  WestJet had some April Fools fun by letting the world know that Canadians are better than any other country.  Their friendliness, diversity, and generosity sets Canadians apart from the rest of […]