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  • OPINION: Is Now The Time To Fix Air Traffic Control?

    ATC is safe and handles tens of thousands of flight daily.  But upgrades move at a glacial speed.  Is it time to fix ATC? Fixed how, you might ask. The answer is to be separated from the FAA. Notice that I did not use the word “privatize” in the title. There’s a reason for that. […]

  • Japan Never Saw It Coming Thanks To These Brave Men

    Deception, heroism, and smart planning by Task Force 58 led to a successful wave of attacks that crippled imperial Japanese forces in the Pacific. Between the 16th and 17th of February 1945, US Navy Task Force 58 conducted the first carrier-based strikes against the Japanese home islands since the Doolittle Raid in April of 1942. The […]

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    German Eurofighters Intercept Non-Responsive Boeing 777 And It Was Caught On Camera

    Uhoh! You wouldn’t want to be the pilots of that Jet Airways 777-300ER. One of the primary responsibilities of airline pilots during cruise is to communicate with air traffic controllers.  European airspace is busy and handoffs between controllers happen often.  If you are a pilot flying in Western Europe, you need to bring your “A-Game” to […]

  • High Winds Didn’t Deter Boeing Pilots From Flying The 757 For the First Time

    “Looks like you had a little bit of bumpiness there.” It was a gusty day in February.  Experienced Boeing test pilots didn’t flinch. On Feb 19, 1982, N757A (Callsign: Boeing 757) took to the skies for the first time.  It carried Boeing’s hopes and dreams for a new era.  The 757’s first flight wasn’t easy though. […]

  • The Day An Army Private Stole a Helo And Landed It At The White House

    If it happened again today, the story would probably have a much different ending. At just past midnight on February 17th 1974, United States Army Private First Class Robert K Preston commandeered an unarmed Bell UH-1B Iroquois (Huey) helicopter from Tipton Airfield at Fort Meade, Maryland. After absconding with the aircraft, Preston went on a […]

  • The MiG-21: From Russia With Love

    This fighter jet was one of the USSR’s most famous exports. On February 14th 1955 the first of more than 11,000 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21s made its maiden flight. Approximately 60 countries have flown the MiG-21, and even after more than 60 years more than 3,000 of the supersonic fighters are still in service with more than […]

  • Flown By Aces, The F4U Corsair Carried Allies To Victory In The Pacific

    The Corsair proves that early technical setbacks can be overcome. On February 13th 1943, the Vought F4U Corsair flew its first operational mission when Guadalcanal-based Marine Fighter Squadron 124 (VMF-124) F4U-1 Corsairs escorted U. S. Army Air Corps B-24 Liberator bombers on a raid against Kahili Airfield on Bougainville. They encountered no enemy aircraft on […]

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    The Flight of The Last B-36 Peacemaker

    With the retirement of the Peacemaker, the US Air Force became an all jet bomber fleet. On 12 February 1959, the last B-36J “Peacemaker” built, Air Force serial number 52-2827, departed Biggs Air Force Base, Texas, where it had been operational with the 95th Heavy Bombardment Wing. The aircraft was flown to Amon Carter Field […]

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