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    Screenshot of AirshowStuff Video

    Rare Air: Incredible F-4 Phantom Helmet Cam Departure

    We won’t see scenes like this much longer! Attention Avgeeks!  There are only a few more months to see active US Air Force F-4 Phantoms flying at airshows.  That’s right. In less than three months, the QF-4 program will be gone forever.  With the expiration of the QF-4 program, that means that all associated heritage […]

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    What’s Up with the Rollercoaster Takeoffs from Orange County?

    Orange County’s unique departure profile If you’ve ever had the pleasure (or perhaps the terror) of taking off in a commercial plane from Orange County’s John Wayne airport, you’ll know that it is a takeoff unlike any other. Just seconds after liftoff, you will feel your stomach drop as the airplane does a very abrupt […]

  • highway

    Highways In The Sky Over The Atlantic Ocean Keep Air Traffic Organized

    A highly organized set of rules and procedures allow efficient traffic flow between North America and Europe. More than two thousand flights a day cross the North Atlantic. However, there is no radar coverage over the North Atlantic, so planes must fly according to a unique set of procedures. They follow a set of daily […]

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    The Space Shuttle Landed with its APU on Fire – and No One Knew!

    STS-9 was the ninth NASA Space Shuttle mission, and the sixth flight of Space Shuttle Columbia. It was launched in November 1983 on a nine-day mission carrying the first Spacelab laboratory module into orbit. STS-9 was notable for its “firsts.” While this was not Commander John Young’s first Shuttle flight, he was the commander of […]

  • superlow

    Probably Not Safe: Il-76 Buzzes The Ramp

    Ukraine: Where Regulations Must Just Be An Opinion Eastern European air forces seem to have some different flyover rules than the rest of the world. If a US Air Force pilot attempted this, he or she would lose their wings and probably go to jail!  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen some ‘unique’ flying by Eastern […]

  • INDIAN SPRINGS AIR FORCE AUXILIARY FIELD, Nev. - A B-1 Lancer performs a fly-by during a firepower demonstration here recently.  The bomber is from the 7th Bomb Wing at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Robert W. Valenca)

    The Day a B-1 Bone’s Nose Gear Wouldn’t Extend

    On October 4th of 1989, a Rockwell B-1B Lancer from Dyess Air Force Base in Texas, crash landed in Rogers Dry Lake at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The nose landing gear would not extend, so the crew consulted with engineers and maintenance personnel.  The crew decided that the plane would attempt a landing on […]

  • b21bomber

    Air Force Names New Strategic Bomber

    The Air Force announced that the nickname of the new Long Range Strategic Bomber known as the B-21. In a speech by Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah James announced the new name. It will be known as the B-21 Raider. The contract to build up to 100 aircraft was awarded to Northrup Grumman last […]

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    President Truman’s VC-118 (DC-6) named "Independence) (NMUSAF Photo)

    Eight Notable Presidential Campaign Aircraft That Changed The Speed Of Politics

    Airplanes have revolutionized our nation and changed the way candidates campaign. The airplane has been an important campaign tool for presidential candidates from the early 1950s. Not all candidates, however have had a dedicated campaign plane. Many simply used on-demand charters of business aircraft. And very few actually had access to aircraft owned by them […]

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    Enormous RC Grippen Fighter Jet Destroyed in Midair Breakup

    Did the controller over-G the jet? RC airplanes seem to be getting bigger and bigger.   This 1:2 scale (yes…half the size of an actual aircraft) Saab Grippen jet is probably the largest jet we’ve ever seen!  It’s so big that it either required a trailer to bring it to the field or it must […]

  • lanc

    If The Nazis Didn’t Kill You On A Mission, The Spartan Lancaster Could

    “The biggest threat wasn’t the Germans.  It was the cold.” Aviation was pretty spartan back in the 40s by today’s standards.  The aircraft wasn’t pressurized, heat was nearly non-existent and the quarters were cramped.  There were operational hazards at every turn. If every bit of exposed skin wasn’t covered, you could get frost bite in […]

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