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  • hawaiian

    Hawaiian Airlines Unveils Specially Painted A330 Disney-Themed Jet

    Logo jets are unique but they aren’t new. Most of the majors have had logojets for promotions. Airlines like Southwest led the trend with Shamu.  They have had additional tie-ins with the NBA and Sports Illustrated.  Other airlines like WestJet, Delta, and Alaska Airlines have had tie-ins with Disney.  Now Disney has added a new airline […]

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    Some Pilots are Quitting Southwest to go to Delta…So What do They Know?

    While labor relations have become more challenging at Southwest, the real draw is the chance to be a captain sooner. For some years now, getting a pilot job offer from Southwest Airlines was considered the sine qua non of a successful aviation career. Southwest, which since 1971 has grown from a small intra-Texas regional carrier […]

  • boac-dh-106-commet-4

    The First Transatlantic Jet Airliner Flight Was Also Its Swan Song

    A “First Flight” for a passenger aircraft that was its swan song! Fifty-eight years ago, on October 4, 1958 British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) operated the first transatlantic jet service with the de Havilland Comet 4. BOAC was also the first airline to offer jet passenger service across Europe and into Africa operating the de […]

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    Peace the Old Fashioned Way! B-52s Create Smokey Mess With Minimum Interval Takeoffs

    Launch the fleet! Procedure expedited takeoffs to get more jets in the air faster. This clip shows a group of Boeing B-52G Stratofortresses executing a MITO (Minimal Interval Take Off). The objective: get off the ground!  Faster!  The planes roar skyward a mere 15 seconds apart, as two narrators have to hold onto their hats!  It’s […]

  • The Kettering Bug was launched from a four-wheeled dolly on movable tracks.

    The World’s First Drone Flew For The First Time 98 Years Ago Today

    The world’s first drone was a crude cruise missile that could hit a target up to 75 miles away. Germany’s V-1 “Buzz Bomb” was an early version of a cruise missile, but not the first! In 1918 during World War I, the US Army contracted Charles Kettering of Dayton, Ohio to design and build an […]

  • tu-160-refuel

    Tu-160 Blackjack is One Big, Mean, Killing Machine

    An uncanny resemblance to the United States Air Force’s B-1 Bone.  In 1972, in response to the United States Air Force’s B-1 Bomber project, the Soviet Union launched a competition to see which company could design the best multi-mission bomber. The idea was to create a new supersonic heavy bomber with variable geometry (in other […]

  • c-47s_at_tempelhof_airport_berlin_19481

    67 Years Ago, We Beat The Soviets With Cargo Planes

    September 30 marks the 67th anniversary of the end of the Berlin Airlift, historically the first major showdown of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West. World War II hand ended in 1945, and the Allies—the United States, the United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union divided Germany into four occupation zones. […]

  • air_traffic_controller_schiphol_tower

    These Air Traffic Controllers Are Having A Bad Day

    “Actually, maybe you should switch to decaf” This video clip catches a rare behind-the-scene look at the dark side of aviation…attitude! Sure, most everyone keeps a running dialogue in the quiet of their own head of what they’d LIKE to say, but they don’t actually say it. Usually. Unfortunately, sometimes an open mic is left on, […]

  • flying_the_typhoon_through_the_mach_loop_at_low_level_-_youtube

    Ride Along as Typhoons Blast Through World Famous Mach Loop

    Cockpit view lets you feel the raw excitement of low level flight. Experience the emerald green of British landscapes in this high-octane clip! This video footage, uploaded on May 13th of 2014, was filmed from the back seat of an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, being flown by display pilot Jamie Norris. You get to hangout on […]

  • c-130_hercules_-_beach_landing_-_youtube_%f0%9f%94%8a

    C-130 Hercules Goes On A Trip To The Beach

    C-130J Hercules Lands on Beach We’ve seen and posted some pretty amazing feats of airlifters.  As amazing as the C-17 or C-5 jets are, there is something really special about the Herc.  With its four fans of freedom that allow it to takeoff and land in very short distances (even an aircraft carrier!), and its […]

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