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  • Got a SR-71 Blackbird Question? This Guy Has Answers

    The SR-71 is more than a machine.  It’s a complex work of art. The SR-71 is an amazing aircraft. Able to fly over Mach 3 and designed without advanced computer technology, the jet is advanced beyond its years in both technology and capability.  It’s also been the source of so many questions. “Why are the […]

  • I’m a Pilot. I Feel OK But I Still Called In Sick

    A pilot who is just a little ‘under the weather’ isn’t someone you want at the controls. To be fair, I really do have a bit of a cold. It started the day before my trip with some sneezing and a headache. It’s really nothing most workers would consider staying home for. A daytime Theraflu has […]

  • Flashback Friday: A record-setting flight by a “fast” female pilot

    Learn about a record-setting flight and the pioneering female aviator who was at the controls. On April 22, 1961 a Lockheed L-1329 JetStar flew from New Orleans to Bonn and set 18 world records, according to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. And according to the U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission, the flight “…set more speed and […]

  • Stunt Plane Misses Biker But What About The Cameraman?

    There are low flybys and then there are crazy-low, about to hit someone, really-dangerous flybys.  This one is the latter. It either comes down to luck or skill.  Whatever it was, the pilot somehow missed both the biker and the cameraman with his wing just a foot or two above the ground.  Whether it was luck […]

  • Operation Bolo: Robin Olds’ Trifecta of Heroism, Leadership, and Deception

    By pretending to be the less maneuverable F-105, Olds and his men provoked a response from North Vietnamese Migs. Olds mercilessly slayed them. Brigadier General Robin Olds was a hero on many fronts.  He was a World War II ace who typified the “lead from the front” style like so many other warriors from the Greatest Generation […]

  • The B-36 Peacemaker Was Huge But Time Passed It By

    Dubbed the “Billion-dollar Blunder” by some (not the first or the last…ehem F-35), the B-36 Peacemaker was developed after World War II to deliver nuclear weapons. Calling the Convair B-36 Peacemaker the “Billion-dollar Blunder” isn’t exactly fair, even though that’s the alternate nickname for the huge bomber built after World War II. The B-36 was […]

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    A British Airways A380 Makes The Right Decision To Go Around

    The pilot of this British Airways recognizes that he/she is landing long.  That is the right thing to do This British Airways A380 was cleared for landing at Vancouver International Airport and just before the tires hit the tarmac, the pilot aborted the landing and powered up for a go around. The second attempt was […]

  • This Might Be The Perfect Avgeek Video To Closeout 2016 and Start 2017

    Grab a beer or a glass of wine, play this clip and let 2016 fade away… 2016 was an interesting year to say the least.  In addition to a number of political events and celebrity losses, we also saw a number of unique aviation events.  We saw the retirement of the beloved F-4 Phantom.  We dealt […]

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