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    The Distinctive C-5A’s Whine Will Cease This Year…Forever

    And then there were four… On March 16th, 2017, a C-5A came to life for the last time. Tail number 70-0456 took off from Westover Air Reserve Base.  Its destination was Davis Monthan Air Force Base’s AMARC…aka “The Boneyard”. The C-5A first flew in 1969. While it holds the title as the largest airlifter ever in […]

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    Must See Vietnam Carrier Footage Honors One We Lost

    Here’s a must-see video for you Vietnam-era naval aviation fans. Shot aboard the carrier Midway (CVA-41) during her 1971 and 1972-1973 Western Pacific (WestPac) deployments, there is something for just about everybody. The video was uploaded as a tribute to the late Lieutenant Raymond P Donnelly. Donnelly was a VA-115 A-6A bombardier / navigator who […]

  • Actor Jimmy Stewart Talks Up B-58 Hustler, Scares Russians In This Rare Video

    Impressive, Expensive, Complicated–That was the Convair B-58.  Actor and Brig Gen talks up the Mach 2 bomber. On March 15th 1960, the first Convair B-58 Hustler became operational with Strategic Air Command (SAC). One of the most impressive aircraft ever built, the Hustler was also expensive to operate, equipped with complicated systems that frequently required […]

  • The Lockheed Connie Shrunk The Pond With Non-Stop Flights Across the Atlantic

    “Shapely” and sexy…the L-749 Connie was also a key evolutionary step in the advancement of air travel. On March 14th 1947, the first Lockheed L-749 Constellation took to the skies. The first Connie to have the fuel capacity, and the resultant range, to fly non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean, the L-749 also had strengthened landing […]

  • GEICO Skytypers set to perform at top airshow locations in 2017

    TAMPA — The GEICO Skytypers, famous for their low level maneuvers and huge sky-typed messages, have released their new air show schedule as they prepare to take flight to begin their long awaited season opener. Six WWII-era SNJ-2 warbirds form this special flight demonstration team now scheduled to soar across the skies of 15 of […]

  • The Day the Last New F-One Oh One Wonder Took To the Skies

    The F-101 evolved along with the missions it flew eventually leading to 25 years of distinguished service in the US Air Force. On March 13th 1961, McDonnell delivered the last of 807 F-101B Voodoos to the United States Air Force. The F-101 was a record-setting design that was originally conceived as a bomber escort fighter but […]

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